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Logicom and the Environment
​​​Protecting the Environment
Logicom is committed to protecting the environment and the well-being of the community in which it operates. For this reason, Logicom has developed and maintains an Environmental Management System which focuses on reducing the adverse environmental impacts of its operations by choosing products which are environmentally friendly, delivering products throug​h well-planned routing of vehicles, and proper handling of waste materials.​​​

The above system provides the framework for:​
  • Monitoring and continuously improving the environmental performance of the company,
  • Monitoring, addressing and conforming to relevant environmental legislation and any other stakeholder and market requirements,
  • ​Setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets and implementing them through environmental implementation programmes, reducing adverse environmental impacts, pollution and waste disposal from the company's operation and by-products.​

managing electrical and electr​onic wa​ste

Logicom participates in WEEE Electrocyclosis'​ collective schemes for the management of    electrical and electronic waste. The purpose of this system is to collect this waste for recycling and   reuse. In order to comply with our environmental policy, this waste should not be  disposed of as common municipal solid waste, but should be segregated and disposed of in dedicated collection  points and bins. Logicom encourages its employees and partners to ensure the proper handling and disposal of this waste in order to reduce our burden to the environment.​


Logicom participates in Green Dot's collective scheme for the management of packaging waste. Therefore, paper and packaging waste is collected and forwarded to relevant, approved organizations for proper handling and recycling. All employees are aware of the measures taken within our organization for the proper disposition of paper and packaging waste. Additionally, we consistently implement the efficient use of paper in all our offices in order to minimise waste.

Managing battery waste

Logicom participates in the AFIS collective scheme for the proper management of battery waste. Batttery waste is collected and forwarded to relevant, approved organizations for proper handling and/or recycling. Our aim is to reduce the number of batteries being disposed as municipal solid waste. We have also installed special battery recycle bins in all our offices and encourage our employees to also bring their own personal scrap batteries for recycling. Our partners  are informed and encouraged to participate in this country-wide collective scheme for the proper  handling of battery waste.​